Fixes issues on Hotmail | Hotmail not working

Fixes issues on Hotmail | Hotmail not working

Hotmail is a free and first Webmail administration given by the Microsoft Corporation. It also includes Yahoo, which is quite possibly the most famous free Webmail service provider and is gotten to at Yahoo, Hotmail records can have premium administrations, for example, more space and POP and SMTP access added. Hotmail is free to use and very famous nowadays.

It allows users to communicate personally and also in a professional manner while communicating through email services. Due to its speedy in sending and receiving email services, recovering of account is very easier, it also provides security for your account and many other reliable features, it has many active users. Sometimes due to any technical or non-technical issues, some problems are arising like Hotmail Not Working issues.

No doubt it was a big problem when Hotmail is not working. There is a different cause for the issues. So, read the blog fully to grasp knowledge about why Hotmail Not Working.

Hotmail not working
Hotmail not working

How to fix Hotmail Not Working Issues

If you want to know the reason behind the Hotmail Not Working Issues, then you can follow the below-given steps freely:

  • The first and foremost problem is it may due to server down.
  • Then it was also because of bad internet connectivity. So, always check the connection of your internet.
  • It may be because of the current web browser you are using. Sometimes the web browser may not support or be compatible with Hotmail.
  • Next check for hacking issues. The problem is because your Hotmail account is hacked.
  • If you are attempting incorrect account credentials, like the wrong username and password.
  • Clear the cache and cookies. Maybe the problem is because of this.
  • Or it may be because of improper configuration.

Steps for resolving Hotmail Not Working Issues

In this blog, you can get some proper tips to solve the problem related to Hotmail Not Working Issues. So, have a look at the below-described steps to clear your issues.

  • First, you need to check the status of your server:
  • Sometimes the problem that arises may be due to the server is down. So, the first and forecast step is the check for the server status by makes sure your server is down or not.

Troubleshoot the internet browser issues

If the browser you have used is corrupted then issues may arise. So, first, you need to check it. Tips for troubleshooting these issues:

  • First, you have to reset your browser by eliminating the cookies.
  • And also you have to clear the history of your browser.

Check for the settings of your network

We are suggested to you for confirmation of your network connection. Because sometimes the problem is related to bad internet connectivity. So, for this reboot your modem, router, and computer and wait some time. After this, you can work with your Hotmail Account.

Make sure you have entered the correct credentials

When you entered your username and password for the Hotmail account, make sure that you entered it correctly. Otherwise, you will get a login error. If you want to reset your password then you have to enter your all account details and now you can easily reset your Hotmail Account.

Error while sending and receiving emails

Follow the below-given statements, if you are unable to send or receive emails through your Hotmail account.

If you have created an email filter

By creating an Email Filter, this could be the one reason you won’t send or receive emails. Hence, first, delete the filter from the emails.

Enable forwarding to every email address:  You can’t send or receive emails. So, you have to disable the forwarding to fix the issue.

Blocking of any email address

When you have blocked any email address, you won’t able to receive any emails. To fix this error, you have to unblock them.

Contact our Customer Support by the helpline number

After processing all the above steps, if still, you won’t get the solution regarding Why Is Hotmail Not Working then it’s the time for contact at our helpline number. As our Customer Support team was always available 24/7 hour to help you out.

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