How to fix Centurylink Email Issue – Troubleshooting

How to fix Centurylink Email Issue – Troubleshooting

CenturyLink Email Issues can be an extremely complex case in terms. The user may undergo account freezes, continual login complications, configuration situations casualties, and other objects. Don’t be concerned…!!! This article is implied to provide the user with simple procedures to interpret to unravel systematic CenturyLink Email issues.

Like any additional email service provider, the CenturyLink Internet-based Email service provider is one of the most crucial broadcast suppliers to the expected audience. It has millions of users and has obtained a favorable response from the multinational public. Aside from that, You may access it from any appliance for user comfort.

CenturyLink Email Issues: What’s Inducing Them?

There could be many reasons why your CenturyLink Email Account isn’t functioning suitably. Some are modest to fix, while others might give you a considerable headache. The following are some of the most significant reasons:

  • The user may probably be infiltrating incorrect login credentials while logging into the Account.
  • For the time being, CenturyLink Email Account’s server may be inaccessible or rumbled.
  • Anti-virus software installed on your computer may be assembling a firewall, deterring you from accessing your CenturyLink email account.
  • Slow Internet Speed or a speed that is continually interrupted.
  • The discussion filter enables the user to maintain track of the messages that have been sent. To organize the mail inbox, the user can develop numerous folders and subfolders. After then, You can route identical information rapidly to the assigned folder. The mail will behave inadequately if these filters are not aligned correctly.
  • Employ of CenturyLink Email Software that hasn’t been revamped.
  • The CenturyLink Email service user can also customize the system settings on their own. Incorrect configuration settings are the most familiar reason for CenturyLink’s Email issues in the plurality of cases.

How to fix CenturyLink Email Login issues – Top 4 Easy Methods

Method 1 – You Can reset centurylink account Password and Other Login Credentials

The problem with the user’s login account, login password could be the origin of the CenturyLink Email Account Login situation. Re-login to your Account after altering your password.

Inscribe the password on a blank WordPad or MS Word File worksheet for simple navigation. Alternatively, you can outline the password utilizing CTRL + C and then paste it into the designated password column in the CenturyLink.Net Email Account login box employing CTRL + V.

Constantly keep the following significant points in your psyche when it appears to the safety of your account password. It must not be debated in the community.

Method 2- Incorrect CenturyLink Email Configuration Settings

Check the CenturyLink Email Configuration Settings for both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers to discern whether they are right. The Webmail server will not operate suitably until the user configures the virtual incoming and outgoing mail servers, which will induce the CenturyLink Webmail server to misbehave.

Method 3 – Clear/Delete Unnecessary Junk and Spam Mail

Delete any useless or debris emails from your CenturyLink Email Account, as the weariness of the CenturyLink Email Account’s Maximum Storage Limit of 15 GB / Per User / Per Account could be the purpose of your CenturyLink Email not logging in.

It should prevent trash and spam emails at all expenses, and they should be supervised to numerous folders. Maintain track of them for a specific purpose and eliminate them as soon as feasible.

Method 4 – Update / Re-Install CenturyLink Email Application

It’s feasible that the CenturyLink Email Application / Software has a new update accessible for its users, but you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet. Check the CenturyLink Email software website for available updates, click on each one to download it, and follow the easy installation instructions. Only get them from a respected provider.

The updates will be convenient on all appliances, including PCs, desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones ( Android or iOS users ). Reboot your system after initiating the updates, then re-launch the CenturyLink Email Application and log in to your email account.

What Is The Process For Adding Or Removing Email Accounts?

If you want to expand CenturyLink.Net email accounts, here is a list of the efforts you must take. Let’s amass a look at it.

  • Amplify your CenturyLink.Net email accounts first.
  • Then move to CenturyLink’s homepage.
  • Assign the User Settings alternative from the My CenturyLink menu.
  • To expand the New User section, commune the Add button.
  • Replenish out the New User form to the best of your proficiency.
  • After obtaining the form, click the Add User button to redeem the data.
  • Then select Add CenturyLink Email Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Conserve your new login details (Username and Password) on your computer.

You Should remove CenturyLink.Net Webmail Accounts

  • To get commenced, go to the CenturyLink Webmail homepage.
  • From the My CenturyLink menu, assign the User Settings option.
  • In the Manage Users region, gaze for the email account you need to eliminate or delete.
  • Click the Remove User button at the bottom of the email account.
  • You’ll get a pop-up inquiring if you want to stop the user. To substantiate the deletion, click OK.
  • However, if you do not prefer to evacuate the user, specify the Cancel option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my email?

  • Visit for further data.
  • At the top right of the page, commune the Email icon.
  • Embark your email address and password.
  • To access your email, commune the “Log In” button.

Is it apparent that CenturyLink’s email has been hacked?

Hundreds of thousands of CenturyLink customers’ data was excavated online, comprising names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Why am I incapable of accessing my CenturyLink Account?

Clean the cache, history, and cookies in your browser. Please swap to a different browser. You should revise your browser version.


If a user undergoes this type of email difficulty, it is up to the user to rectify the circumstance. As an outcome, there’s no necessity to be troubled. CenturyLink’s email service is fantastic. You will decide your CenturyLink Email Issues if you obey the methods above.

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